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White Mountain S.A.F.E. House

Frequently Asked Questions

We provide a safe, home-like environment for women and children who are escaping the negative and unsafe environment of domestic violence.  Our program offers guidance, referral services, help in recognizing healthy relationships, social and life skills to those we help in order to empower them and ensure the success of their independent lives.

What We Do

What is the S.A.F.E. House? 

It is a place where victims in abusive situations can find shelter for up to 90 days, providing          a safe location for healing and moving forward in a positive, healthy direction.

Who can use the S.A.F.E. House? 

Anyone who is or has been in a situation of physical, emotional or sexual abuse can use the           services.

What services are available?

  • Residential Shelter care in emergency situations, for up to 90 days   

  • Non-Residential Services - Individual/Group Support

  • Confidentiality is strictly observed

Do I need a referral?

No. Anyone can call the S.A.F.E. House at (928) 367-6017 to arrange for services. An                    advocate is available 24 hours a day to talk with. There is no charge for any of our services.          Again, confidentiality is strictly observed.

We provide:


  • 24-Hour Crisis Line: (800) 224-1315 or (928) 367-6017

  • 90-Day Residential Shelter for Women and Children

  • Case Management

  • Individual and Group Counseling

  • Safety Planning

  • Resource Referrals

  • Education about Domestic Violence and Information on Healthy Relationships

  • Non-Residential Individual/Group Support


    Community Education

  • Domestic Violence Education and Community Outreach

  • Alternative Format and Reasonable Accommodations Available Upon Request